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Panier Gourmand EMMA

    Christmas Basket "Paccheri al Coquadar”

    Made in VDA
    Vallée d'Aoste

    32,70 €


    Cut the cheese into cubes and put them in a container with the milk; aside, in a saucepan, prepare a roux by baking flour and butter. Then add the milk and cheese to the roux and cook on a low heat, do not boil it in order to obtain a smooth and velvety cream.

    Meanwhile in a frying pan, brown the bacon with a little olive oil, eliminating the excess fat.

    Cook the paccheri in boiling salted water. When ready, combine the bacon and the fondue in a frying pan, mixing all the ingredients. Place them in the dishes and sprinkle with the slightly warm egg yolk.

    The Christmas Basket of Chef Giuliano Lodicontains:

    1. Degustando Arte Box
    2. Paccheri 400g
    3. Pepper Pancetta 160g
    4. Milk 500g
    5. Cheese coquadar 200g
    6. Wooden spoon signed by chef Giuliano Lodi

    Not included

    1. 4 egg yolks 
    2. Flour 00 30g
    3. Butter 35g


    Number of items: 6
    By purchasing each basket you have the right to choose and customize one of our greeting cards that will be added to your special gift. For orders of more than 10 pieces we suggest you to contact our client service from the “contact us” page for a customized estimation.

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