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L'artigianato valdostano

The Aosta Valley Craft is the physical summary of the history and vicissitudes of an area surrounded by high mountains that developed a typical and highly distinctive art.

The wood, an easily available material, he has always been the master of the field; It can be transformed into cups, chalices, sometimes horses and cockerels, to adorn the house or the person or to become a business tool. For generations the turners and sculptors of Aosta Valley produced small masterpieces; over the years they have been joined by the artists who have chosen to rediscover the typical art in a more modern way and by the many small and very small artisans who chose sculpture and carving as an hobby. They all take part at the Sant'Orso Fair, that takes place during the last days of January, which for over a century filled the streets of the historic centre of Aosta. A fair that is a legacy of ancient professions linked to the cultivation and the livestock: the animals come down from the mountain pastures at the end of September, where they lived for the summer, and return to occupy the stalls down in the valley. The shepherds had the time to carve and sculpt small figures or wooden tools, while the cattle grazed during the summer. After a few months needed to arrange all of them, to finish the sculptures and begin again with the circle of the every day life, it takes place the St. Orso fair: a good opportunity to sell what has been produced, meet friends and spend time in good company.

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