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    Cider Saint Bernard Maley

    11,99 €

    With Maley, Aosta Valley proposes again an old traditional drink which, for centuries, has been on the tables of so many alpine villages. This innovative project is born from the passion for the effervescence in all its forms, for the apple, for the alpine scenaries, from the respect for the biodiversity cared by generations of gardeners and farmers from the Alps.

    Maley Jorasses is made with the same technique used in sparkling wine in the wine world for over 300 years. The processes in sparkling cider are the same: got a cider base we proceed to the second fermentation to make the second fermentation in the bottle and a short aging on the lees (6 months). ,
    To achieve the desired sensory characteristics of perlage and you shall, with patience, to apply the riddling of the bottles set aside on pupitres. A compact storage of yeast on the bottom of the bottle we proceed to disgorgement, eliminating the deposit and got raboccando a specific liqueur d'expedition. ,
    From the rich and persistent perlage, our cider has a beautiful straw yellow color with greenish hues. The nose shines net apple raventze, accompanied by notes of white flowers. ,
    The taste is rich and dry, very dry freshness and minerality, low alcohol content (7.5% vol) shows a great cleansing that makes you want to drink beautifully. ,
    The effervescence in all its forms, from the love of alpine landscapes, respect for biodiversity guarded by generations of farmers gardeners in the Alps. ,
    Maley is the ancient name of which was called the apple in Valtournenche, at the foot of the Matterhorn in Valle d'Aosta. ,
    The headquarters of our company is located in the heart of the Valle d'Aosta region, in the town of Brissogne to 900 m above sea level. The operations are carried out in Saint Marcel in the historic distillery Valdô,taine. ,
    The orchards used for the production of apples have an average age of more than a century and is in the municipality of Saint Marcel in the small village of Seissogne to over 1000 m above sea level. ,
    The selection of our apple trees is done by evaluating both the attitude of the old and rare varieties have characteristics of acidity, tannin and sugar concentration suitable to produce cider, both based on age (above 80 years), the type of farming and inclusion in the surrounding landscape. ,
    A Saint Marcel produce only by the native apple cider Raventze a classic method sparkling wine. ,
    On the Aosta Valley apple orchards is not made any chemical treatment.
    Alcohol consumption can be harmful. Drink moderately.

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