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Saint-Roch Pic du Vol Still Mead

Made in VDA
Aosta Valley

8,11 €

With the Pic du Vol Still Mead, made of honey and water coming exclusively from Aosta Valley, the Saint-Roch Distillery offers a high quality natural product, ideal to go with matured cheese, meat and regional food.

The mead or hydromel (coming from the ancient greek water (hý,dor) and honey (mé,li)) is an alcoholic beverage obtained from the fermentation of the bees' sweet nectar. Before beer and wine, the men knew and drank this beverage that became very important in the Ancient times. From the union of honey coming from wild hives and water, the yeasts naturally present in honey, fermented the beverage. Holy drink for the Celts, the mead, also called ,the beverage of the Gods",, was reknown from Egypt to Scandinavia, and in the Asian and European indo-european peoples.

The Pic du Vol Mead is produced by the Saint-Roch Distillery paying attention to quality, to make a drink respectful of Tradition, using water from alpine springs and Aosta Valley honey.

The Pic du Vol Still Mead is served cool, under 10°,C. Its alcoholic content is 12-13%.

It is ideal to go with matured cheese, pork and wildfowl meat, or to prepare a delicious hydromel lacquered duck. The gourmet and Aosta Valley cuisine lovers will have it together with PDO Arnad Lard and honey on rye bread or with chestnuts flavoured with alpage butter slightly caramelized with local honey.


Alcohol consumption can be harmful. Drink moderately.


Distilleria Saint-Roch

The St. Roch Distillery is one of most ancient distillery of the Aosta Valley, and in the last years has been able to glorify the product of its history and at the same time crate new masterpieces.

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