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Scent spreader with sticks Génépy - Artemisia - Maison Parfum St. Roch

    Scent spreader with sticks Génépy - Artemisia - Maison Parfum St. Roch

    Made in VDA
    Aosta Valley

    32,71 €

    Scent spreader with sticks Génépy aroma. The stick spreader represents a new product to be added to the Genepi based products carried out by the St Roch distillery. In this special occasion the spreader is combined with a bottle of Génépy A.

    The Genepi has been known for its digestive,  ,bitter and  ,neurotonic properties since the ancient times and it is the most wanted for that new formula of home scent. Its fragrance recalls all the freshness of the alpine plants ripened under the Alps sun.

    Distilleria Saint-Roch

    The St. Roch Distillery is one of most ancient distillery of the Aosta Valley, and in the last years has been able to glorify the product of its history and at the same time crate new masterpieces.

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