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Made in VDA
Aosta Valley

15,29 €

Raw milk cheese with quadrangular parallelepiped shape, whose soft and sweet flavor is appreciated both in the "young" and in the seasoned version, which releases unique intensities.

The Coquadar is cheese that attracts attention in the first instance for its shape ... Coquadar in Lombard dialect means "head square" and the choice of the name by the company Garin rewards the origins of Marta that, with Massimiliano that is from Cogne, forms the couple at the center of family production management. It is a raw milk cheese, aged for more than 40 days. The processing of coarse grained curds, light pressing and short maturation give the cheese a particularly creamy paste and a strong flavor. With the passage of time in the cellar, the cheese loses some of its creaminess and acquires further in perseverance of taste

Garin Massimiliano az. agr.

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