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Christmas Basket Valle d'Aosta – Medium

    Christmas Basket Valle d'Aosta – Medium

    Made in VDA
    Aosta Valley

    56,56 €

    The Christmas baskets Aosta Valley are small chests containing all the flavours of the Aosta Valley, perfect to be shared with friends and family or to be given as a gift to those who already know the Aosta Valley or to those who has yet to discover it!

    The Aosta Valley Middle Basket brings together the sweet and the savoury products typical of the Aosta Valley’s cuisine. The Torrette, the Fontina, the Génépy, the Lard and many other products... perfect to recreate the atmosphere of the Aosta Valley at home, around the table or to give, to a loved one, a moment of relaxation, to get away, even for a short time, from the chaos of the city and find themselves, for a moment, between the Aosta Valley mountains.

    It contains 1 piece per type of:
    Fontina DOP Organic gr. 200/220
    Goat cheese gr. 200/220
    Fondue Valdostana gr. 200
    Sauce of Russet Apples gr. 40
    Sauce of Gratacul gr. 40
    Pocket bottles of Herbetet Genepy and Benefort cl. 10
    Tegolose gr. 200
    Tegole gr.90
    Arnaiot lard 250 gr / 300
    Salami Bonbocon gr. 100/120
    Bottle of red Wine Torrette 350 cl

    The weight of the fresh products vacuum sealed can vary from what reported according to the cut of the same.

    Maison Bertolin

    The Maison Betolin is one of the most important and incisive food shops of the Aosta Valley.

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