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Genepy sans colorant OTTOZ

Made in VDA
Aosta Valley

9,83 €

The Ottoz Génépy Elixir is a liqueur containing the Génépy plant (Artemisia glacialis), an alpine herb that grows over 2000 meters in the Alps. The flavor is intense, the fragrance aromatic and it is free from those natural dyes that colour traditional genepy a bright green.

The production of the Ottoz gé,né,py began in 1902, when Laurent Ottoz came back to live in the Aosta Valley after having gained a valuable experience in a glorious French distillery. For many years, this traditionnal liqueur has been the only symbol of the typical Aosta Valley product for those who love the region. Today, the Ottoz genepy remains the most popular Aosta Valley liqueur.


Alcohol consumption can be harmful. Drink moderately.

Distillati Ottoz

The Ottoz products made the Aosta's Génépy famous in all Italy, due to its colour and its incredible aroma.

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