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Gran Gessato di pecora

Made in VDA
Aosta Valley

9,81 €

A fat cheese with sheep's milk with unique characteristics, as unique and very recent the idea of ​​the Bagnod Family to raise sheep in a mountain pasture in Val d'Ayas and work its milk to obtain the Gran Gessato.

The Gran Gessato is an innovative cheese for the context of the Valle d'Aosta cheese production: the choice of the breeding of the milk sheep first of all, the production technique to follow ... We find ourselves in the mountain pastures, above 2,000 m of the Alpe Vascoccia, at the foot of Monte Rosa: the pastures are palatable, rich in excellent legumes that give the milk intense aromas. The Gran Gessato was born in this way, from a very good milk made according to a technique well known in the nearby Piedmontese mountains. The curd, rennet, undergoes a break at the size of a grain of corn, stirred in the boiler and subsequently extracted. The pasta then ends in cylindrical containers, for a period ranging from 2 to 4 days. Finally, it is broken into cubes and finely minced, salted and placed back in containers, where it is pressed. Maturing takes place in the cellars of the mountain pasture. The Gran Gessato has a rough crust and a brown color. The pasta is granular, straw-colored, more intense depending on the seasoning. It can be naturally blue-veined, presenting green veins.

Az. Agr. Bagnod Roberto

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