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    Made in VDA
    Aosta Valley

    8,17 €

    Soft goat Robiola made from whole raw milk, from the Camosciata Alpina goat breed. If fresh it presents a magnificent soft consistency of the dough and a delicacy of taste, refined it increases in intensity especially in the flavoursome part next to the rind.

    The Champchevrette produced by La Chèvre heureuse is a soft goat robiola made from whole raw milk, of Camosciata Alpina goat. It is a cheese with a predominantly lactic character, with Penicillium Candidum in crust (which gives rise to its flowery rind). The cylindrical shapes with flat faces, slightly fringed, are excellent to consume fresh, with a maturation of about 2 weeks. His name? Dedicated to Champremier, the name of the place where the old mayen of the nineteenth century is recovered by Ruben and Roberta in Saint Marcel.

    Soc. agr. La Chèvre Heureuse s.s.

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