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"Mattonella di capra" tipo taleggio

    "Mattonella di capra" tipo taleggio


    25,48 €

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    Delicate and soft cheese produced by Latteria di Cameri, has a slight acidulous hint of typical goat's taste. Great to consume fresh, acquires a decidedly more intense and persistent flavor if aged in our historic cellars of Aosta.

    Goat's cheese with a characteristic square shape, the Mattonella is produced with whole goat's milk, which, after being pasteurized, is coagulated in 6 quintals boiler after the addition of rennet and selected ferments at a temperature of about 34 ° C. The curd obtained is cut with the lyre or guitar up to the size of a hazelnut and then manually formed into square molds. The forms thus obtained are subsequently salted to dryness on the surface. The seasoning takes place on fir tables in cells at a temperature of 4-5 ° C and humidity of 90/95%. During the curing phase, the forms are brushed with water and salt and turned over periodically.

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