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Advice and guidance in relation to the online marketing and e-commerce.

The general director.

Andrea Menegazzi is the Director of the homonymous individual company, which manages the Yndella.Com website. Andrea was born and lived in Valle d'Aosta, after earning a degree in Economics and Business Management at the University of Valle d'Aosta he studied Social Media, Online Marketing and Electronic Commerce. At the beginning of 2014 he decided to use his skills in favour of the companies of the Aosta Valley.

The small companies of the Aosta Valley have little inclination to cultivate their image on social networks, they are poorly oriented on how to invest their online advertising budgets and begin to wonder, with not enough answers, how to sell their products/services on the network. The causes:

  • little expertise
  • little time to devote to training and daily management
  • lack of resources for the recruitment of dedicated staff

The keys to success according to Andrea Menegazzi pass by several variables:

  • Corporate storytelling
  • Online advertising
  • Community of companies that share customers and potential customers
  • Sharing of logistics and communication spaces of Yndella.Com

The Aosta Valley's companies and the "Mission" of Yndella.Com

The goal of Yndella.Com is to give strategic support to companies in the Aosta Valley concerning the "digital communication oriented towards online sales". Yndella.Com is the instrument by which the individual company Andrea Menegazzi meets the need of the firms, in particular, to compete not only with the local context but also with other scenarios.

The road of communication and e-commerce, however, is complicated and expensive, especially for small businesses. Online communication on social media and other platforms, is often rough and careless, often abandoned after the first initial attempt. The mission, therefore, is to relate the small commercial reality of a limited territorial offline context with a different network of customers. Merge (the regional sales network) communicate and sell (to a more distant and large market).

The business network of the Aosta Valley is made up of companies that manufacture/sell high quality products/services but which, for one or the other reason, fail or don't know how to communicate it, they are not able to connect with users, the possible profiles concerned, spread all over the world. Yndella.Com is the means by which, its general manager, Andrea Menegazzi, combines the communication and online sales objectives of companies with Italian and international targets interested in the companies themselves and in the Aosta Valley.

Guidance and Counselling. How?

Through virtual business windows, each window corresponds to a company that has started a strategic path regarding their online communication that flows into contacts with final users, contacts that can be such or that can turn into a purchases of the good or the service offered by the same company .


You also have a business to promote online, you too would be oriented towards the choices to promote your products in the vast world of electronic commerce. Contact us, we will be happy and proud to help.

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