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General Terms of Sale
The offer and sale of products on our website are ruled by the following General Terms of Sale. Products purchased on this website are directly sold by Saint-Roch srl

Saint-Roch srl is registered in the Company Register of Aosta No. 932/10, VAT number IT00040900078.

The headquarters are located in Italy, Località Torrent de Maillod, 4 - 11020 Quart (Valle d'Aosta).

If you need any more information, please go to the Customer Service area. You can find any information concerning products sold on the website, their ordering, shipping, as well as refund and return possibilities.

Please remember that you can always call Saint-Roch srl, as indicated in the Customer Service area.

For further legal information, please consult the Customer Service area.

Saint-Roch srl sells products on-line (e-commerce activities) to final customers and retail companies.

General Terms of Sale determine the relationship between Saint-Roch srl and the website users. Thus, they determine offer conditions, forwarding and acceptance of products purchased on our website.

However, General Terms of Sale do not determine any service provision or product sale by subjects separate from Saint-Roch srl that are present on our website through links, banners or other hyper textual links. We advise you to control sale conditions regarding these subjects before making any purchase.

How to Conclude a Purchase Contract with Saint-Roch srl
To conclude a purchase contract on our website for one or more products, you will have to fill in an electronic
order form and send it to Saint-Roch srl by Internet, following relevant instructions.

The order form contains a summary of General Terms of Sale, information on the main characteristics of every
product ordered and relevant costs of possible methods of payment (including all taxes and duties enforced) for every product purchased, as well as the method and costs of product shipping and delivery.

The contract is deemed to be concluded when Saint-Roch srl receives the form of your order by Internet, before the data regarding your order is verified to be correct or false.

Before proceeding with product purchase by transmitting the order form we ask you to read carefully General Terms of Sale. You can print or store them for your personal use.

The order form will be filed in our database for the period of time necessary to carry out orders and, anyway, in terms allowed by law.

You can access your order form by clicking on your Personal Area (Your Account). Before the order form is
transmitted you can check and correct any possible errors occurred while inserting your data.

To conclude a contract with Saint-Roch srl the languages at your disposal are Italian, English, French and Deutch.

After the contract is concluded Saint-Roch srl will take care of your on-line purchase order.

Saint-Roch srl preserves the right not to carry out your purchase order in the following cases:
it does not provide sufficient solvency guaranties,
it is incomplete or incorrect,
products requested are no longer available.
In the above mentioned cases we will inform you by e-mail that the contract has not been concluded and that Saint-Roch srl has not accepted your purchase order, specifying the reasons for it.

If products presented on our website are no longer available at the moment of your last access to the website, i.e. at the time you forward your order form, it will be our task to inform you, immediately and (in any case) within thirty (30) days from the following day after you have transmitted your order to Saint-Roch srl, on the unavailability of the products ordered.

In case the order form has already been forwarded and the payment made, Saint-Roch srl will refund you the sum you have already paid.

By transmitting the order form by Internet you unconditionally accept and commit yourself to follow the website's General Terms of Sale and other relevant information.

If you do not agree with any of the terms provided in General Terms of Sale, we invite you not to forward your product purchase order form on our website.

After the contract is concluded, Saint-Roch srl will send you a receipt of the purchase order by e-mail, containing a summary of information provided in the order, namely, main product characteristics, a detailed indication of price, method of payment and delivery costs.

Garranties and Indication of Product Prices
Our website offers for sale only high quality products. Following a strict quality control, the products are
accurately chosen and bought directly from producers and retailers.

Main product characteristics are presented in every product description. Images and colours of the products offered on our website may differ from the real ones due to the effect of Internet browser and the monitor used.

The weight of typical products indicated may vary up to 10% since they are not packed using industrial methods.

Product prices are liable to change. Make sure of the final sale price before you forward the order form.

In case you want to return the item, Saint-Roch srl has the right to refuse taking back the products that are not in their initial package, or their quality and main characteristics have deteriorated or they have been damaged.

The product price and shipping costs are paid choosing one of the methods of payment indicated in the order form.

If you pay with a credit card, financial information (for example, your credit/debit card number or the date of its expiry) will be protected by encryption system and forwarded to the PayPal or other banks providing distant e-payment service, without any access of third persons. The bank information will be used by Saint-Roch srl in order to complete procedures regarding your purchase and issue any possible refunds in case of item return, or police report when preventing fraud on website.

Product purchase and forwarding costs indicated in the order form will be debited from your current account when the products purchased are being shipped.

Shipping and Product Delivery
To find out about the specific means of product shipping and delivery, you are asked to access the Customer Service Area. Please pay attention to the information regarding Time and Delivery Costs, since indications in the Customer Service area constitute a substantial part of the latter General Terms of Sale. The contents must be completely understood and accepted at the time you transmit the order form.

Customer Service
You can ask Saint-Roch srl to provide you with any additional information by clicking on our Customer Service area. All necessary contact information is provided in the Contact Area.

Breakage and Damaged Parcels
In case your parcel is broken or damaged, you are invited to refuse accepting the goods.

They will be replaced and re-sent to you. In any case, Saint-Roch srl commits itself to replace damaged parcels at its expenses, covering both replacement and shipping costs.

Saint-Roch srl follows the rule 'Satisfy the Client or Refund his Expenses'.

Returns Policy
You may return the products purchased on our website within ten (10) working days from their delivery, i.e. this way withdrawing from your contract concluded with Saint-Roch srl, with no penalty or explanation necessary.

You have to return the products purchased on the website intact and in their original package. Saint-Roch srl has to receive the products you have purchased on the website within thirty (30) working days from the day you have received them.

The only expenses you will have to cover will be the return shipping cost of your purchased products.

It is possible to return only those goods that are intact and undamaged at the moment of their return. Please note that those goods which, due to their nature, cannot be reshipped or risk rapid deterioration cannot be returned.

If the returns policy is respected, Saint-Roch srl takes the responsibility to refund the amount of money received for the goods purchased on our website, except for the shipping cost of the purchased products.

Saint-Roch srl will return you back the amount of money received for the goods purchased, as well as the delivery costs, in case the item return is the result of Saint-Roch srl error; that is, in case the products delivered do not meet their main certified characteristics, present production defects, or in case of possible delivery error.

The money will be refunded shortly after, that is, within thirty (30) days from the date when you inform Saint-Roch srl about your wish to return the goods delivered. Once it is confirmed that the above mentioned terms and conditions have been respected, we will proceed with our refund procedure.

If the Return Policy methods and terms are not respected, you will not be liable for a refund of the money paid to Saint-Roch srl for the goods returned. Nonetheless, following your request and at your expenses, we can re-forward you back the products in the same status as they have been returned to Saint-Roch srl. Otherwise, Saint-Roch srl is entitled to keep the products, as well as the money paid for the purchase returned.

The item return must be communicated by a telegram, fax (Fax No. + 39 0165 7741666) or e-mail, and further confirmed by a registered letter with return receipt within 48 hour from forwarding a telegram, fax or e-mail.
The above communication must include the following: specification of your order in reference, declaration of your wish to return the purchase, name(s) of the product(s) you intend to return and an enclosed copy of the documentation received together with your order.

Refund Time and Conditions
Once products have been returned, Saint-Roch srl has to make sure that the status of the items received is in compliance with the above indicated conditions and terms. In case Saint-Roch srl concludes its verification as positive, it will notify you via e-mail about the acceptance of your returned products.

Regardless of the method of payment used, Saint-Roch srl refund is activated within thirty (30) days from the day Saint-Roch srl has learned about your wish to apply the Returns Policy, prior any verification whether your item return case is in compliance with the above conditions and terms and prior any acceptance of your returned products.

If the product delivery addressee indicated in the order form does not correspond to the person who has carried out the payment for the items purchased, the refund of the purchase money, in case of item return, will be processed to the person who has carried out the payment.

The value date of the newly credited sum is the same as that of the product purchase debit; this way you will not undergo any loss in terms of banking interests.

You can find information on how we handle your personal data by accessing our Customer Service area and reading our Privacy Policy.

For any further information concerning our Privacy Policy you can send your requests by clicking on Contacts or
directly contacting Saint-Roch srl office:

Saint-Roch srl
Località Torrent de Maillod, 4
11020 Quart (AO)

Laws Applied and Controversy Solutions
The General Terms of Sale are ruled by the Italian law and, in particular, by the Legislative Decree No. 185 of 22 May, 1999 concerning distance contracts and by the Legislative Decree No. 70 of 9 April, 2003 concerning certain aspects of electronic commerce.

In case of controversies occurred between Saint-Roch srl and each final user concerning the website’s General Terms of Sale, Saint-Roch srl confirms its full agreement and acceptance of reconciliation services offered by Online Mediation (www.risolvionline.com).

Online Mediation (RisolviOnline) is an independent institutional service of the Chamber of National and
International Arbitration of Milan (created by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan) providing alternative dispute
resolution services at reasonable costs and allowing to reach a mutual friendly and satisfactory agreement with the help of a neutral and expert peacemaker on the Internet.

For further information concerning Online Mediation please visit www.risolvionline.com.

For any juridical controversies unresolved with the help of Online Mediation service, the Court of Aosta (Italy) is
to be addressed.

Modification and Update
The General Terms of Sale are constantly modified as a consequence of any possible changes in law. New General Terms of Sale come into effect on the day of their release on the website.

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