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Road to # 4KVDA - Henry Favre and his storytelling on the mission!


A fluorescent marker was less colourful than me, I was all new dressed-up, I was technical, I even looked cool and professional, I was in front of the mirror. In my mini backpack there was some water, a thermal blanket and super-cool sticks fishing-rod-type. I was a trailer. But it was enough to make the stairs to get to the car, to understand that actually I was not: I almost died with the manhole cover edge. Oh well, I take my old van and go to Pila. I was driving and I felt strong, only because of how the thermal shirt wrapped my abdomen. Lace up booties, I depart. I go back to shut the car, I re-depart. A bunch of hours chatting with pines and play fetch with marmots along the path to Arbolle's refuge, a few blisters, a few slides, some swear word for snow and return to base after 16 km made between the valley of Comboé and bivouac Arno.
I come home, I eat a full box of bananas for cramps and smile. At the second banana start to feel stupid, but at the same time happy, as when with travelling on scooters, I grind the first kilometres. I sigh and say "I'm ready." At what? Why do I even tell you, to trail the hardest mountain in the world, as well as to trail the 4K Alpine Endurance Trail Valle d'Aosta.
I decided to sprinkle my little muscles and set off on a new adventure ...
Let's face it, I went to North Cape with three wheels, I saw all Italy with a Ciao, but did not know the name of the mountains behind my house. Perhaps this is my motivation that prompted me to send the registration to the organization of the race, or maybe it's because I would like to make a long walk of three hundred kilometres and more, with a lot of new friends with racing bib, sharing our home, and the mountains of Valle d'Aosta.
I will have all summer to train and stretch your calves, forgotten for some years after I quit ski racing.
It will be tough, but at the same time will be really cool. It will be more into a challenge against myself than against a stopwatch. The bibs will tell the number of people that there are present, not who comes before or after the other. It will be my new adventure, it will be my first 4K ultra trail vda.
I even thought to bring with me anyone willing to follow me on the trail, but comfortably from a screen; like the time I have taken you up to the Mount Etna you with the Ciao or I have made you taste the beer in Germany.
I will share all my journey with all of you, telling you what's on in my mind and what I am experiencing at that time. I will take with me the mark of Yndella.com, that will enable you to follow me over their website where I will write my "Road to 4K".

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