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Bénéfort Amaro from Alpine Herbs

Made in VDA
Aosta Valley

16,31 €

This herbal liqueur is a bitter mixture of 20 types of Alpine flowers, roots and herbs. With the help of specific process of distillation and infusion (brewing), the principle aroma and digestive qualities are extracted from herbs, enriching the liqueur and making it an exquisite after-meal drink.

The name of the liquor originates from the name of an Alpine herb called 'Bé,né,fort' which makes this bitter drink unique for its taste and aroma and highly valued by bitter drink lovers. Bé,né,fort Amaro is an outstanding digestive drink. ,


Alcohol consumption can be harmful. Drink moderately.

Alpe - Distillati e liquori

The Alpe Distillery is the producer of immortals liquors such as the Nero Glaciale and the Herbetet.

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