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Borsci S. Marzano

    Borsci S. Marzano

    16,31 €

    The Borsci San Marzano is an amazing liqueur that it is possible to tast in various ways.

    The Borsci San Marzano is a versatile liqueur: straight is a great after-dinner drink; long drink it becomes a powerful aperitif and a quenching experience; you can even pour some in your coffee or ice cream to enhance their taste. As a secret ingredient for cakes and fruit desserts, it becomes a joyful surprise.

    The word “elixir” dates back to the Middle Age. "Elixir" comes from the Arabic al-iksir (extract), actually meaning “philosophical stone”.
    The legend tells that when this chemical compound was applied to metals, these would turn into gold.
    In more recent times, the extraordinary evocative sound of the word elixir still reminds of curative drinks, able to make people dream of a longer and healthier life.

    Alcohol consumption can be harmful. Drink moderately.

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