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Erbavoglio - Formaggi

"Erbavoglio", a cheese paradise, was born from the will of Stefano Lunardi to revive one of the historic dairies of the centre of Aosta, the "Maison de la Fontina", to rediscover the authentic flavour of the Aosta Valley’s pastures.

The ErbaVoglio project rose from the mind of Stefano Lunardi, agronomist and cheese lovers.

After years spent studying the Aosta Valley’s pastures, his love for the land has evolved into a great love for its indirect sons: cheeses. Each pasture, depending on the altitude, exposure to the sun, percentage of humidity, rainfall and composition of the soil gives birth to different types of flora, different types of herbs, shrubs and trees. The animals that feed on it will produce different milks, depending on the type and quality of what they used to feed themselves.

Knowing the pastures means to achieve a deep knowledge of the production chain of cheese, to know where to look for what kind of cheese and when.

But Stefano has certainly not stopped at the simple choice making level. For several years he has been the owner of the old dairy in the heart of Aosta, next to the Cathedral Square. Here, in the small cellar located under the shop, cheeses ripen from 1937. Although in the course of its history the diary has seen many owners, it continues to be a point of reference for lovers of quality Aosta Valley’s dairy products .

The name chosen for the shop, "Erbavoglio", represents the will of Stefano, and ours, of offering quality cheeses that come from the best pastures.

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