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Cave Gargantua - Vini

La Cave Gargantua represents the best part of the wine-making tradition of the Aosta Valley, made of passion and desire of amaze.

Gargantua is born from the passion of a family that has given birth to an idea and a company at the same time, along with the generations, space and time. Laurent and André Cunéaz are born in a family from Gressan and grew up under the protective wing of Pierino, their grandfather, that used to cultivate the vineyards and that produced an amazing home made wine. Over the years the grandfather's passion became the passion of the grandson, Laurent, who today produces seven varieties of wine, four red, two white and a rosé, and that with the passage of time was joined by his brother André. The roots have not been forgotten and the flagship wine is the Gargantua, the result of the grapes of the "Vieilles Vignes" (in English – Old Vineyards), the vineyards of Pierino where it is possible to find some native species of the region as Cornalin, Petit Rouge, Majolet, Vien de Nus, and others  Italian and international classics, also belonging to the area, Barbera, Dolcetto, Freisa, Pinot Noir and Gamay. In a bunch of harvests the Cave Gargantua has ramped up production and increased the range, adding to the lands already cultivated in Gressan, some new plots in the Morgex area. The choice of their name comes from a strong connection with the land, typical of those who live to cultivate and cultivate to live: the moraine of Pila in Gressan area form an elongated hill called the "Gargantua finger", a Giant wine lover, born from the pen of François Rabelais, a beloved character of the fairy mythology in all the French-speaking areas. Gargantua is a mark of a pure quality, young and rough that never disappoint, completing the tables with that touch that the greedy Giant would be appreciated.

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