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The Maison Betolin is one of the most important and incisive food shops of the Aosta Valley.

With an history that covers four decades, it continues to impress for the careful attention it devotes to the future and for the glance directed to its past full of experience, that makes it an important part of a constantly changing field.
The Bertolin’s products are synonymous of authenticity as they are the direct result of traditional recipes that take advantage of the high quality raw materials exalted by the flavours of the mountain herbs and the slow and careful manufacturing process.
Mountain herbs, such as laurel, rosemary and sage, essential to give to the products the taste we all know, are carefully chosen throughout the lower Valle d'Aosta. The Maison Bertolin, in order to ensure a result unique in the world, produces directly seven quintals of rosemary every year, whose cleaning is effectuated by hand in the Arnad branch.
Paying attention to the products and to its consumers, the Maison Bertolin brought technology in their supply chain in order to improve their production and packaging processes. In the plant thirty employees closely control all stages of production, monitoring the machines adapted to the slow rhythms of traditional recipes.

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