Grolla - Friendship Cup mahogany "Liscia", 4 Spouts

Originating from Valle d'Aosta, the Friendship Cup is a wooden container with 'drinking holes' and is used not only for typical Valdostana coffee mixed with grappa, sugar and spices but also for wine. It is the symbol of the smallest Italian region.

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The Friendship Cup, also called Grolla or Grolle in Savoy, is a round container made of turned wood that is often finely carved. It has a cover and spouts, varying in number according to its size, from which people drink traditional Valdostana coffee - coffee mixed with Grappa, Génépy liqueur, sugar and spices. Of course, there’s no reason why it can’t be used with the beverage of your choice. Friends gather around the Cup (perhaps in front of the fireplace) after a day out skiing or just enjoying a snowy friday night after work. After a number of “turns” around the table, the atmosphere warms up and friendship is reinforced. It may not be the Holy Grail, but it certainly is a pleasant way to enjoy both a strong, hot drink and the reunion of friends. Friendship Cup is ready for use. The first time, however, it is better to leave it for 5 minutes filled with lukewarm coffee.

Height: 8 cm
Diameter: 15 cm

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The Friendship Cup is a traditional wooden cup, originating from the mountainous Valle d'Aosta region and used for drinking a specially prepared coffee in a good company of friends. This cup can be used as a gift to offer to your best friends as a symbol of your friendship.
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The Friendship cup is a round container usually used to drink the coffee "alla valdostana", made of coffee, grappa, genipi liqueur and spices, in good company. It is particularly appreciated after a long winter day skiing or wandering in the snow.
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